Technical SEO Issues and their Solutions

Publishing high quality content that earns links means winning the SEO Birmingham criterion. Technical issues or structural issues within your site cannot allow you to gain quality content in the technological world. Therefore, the issues within, such as duplicating content are some of the challenges that have existed for quite a long period of time. Below are some of the SEO technical issues and how they can be fixed.

Duplication of Content

Duplicating content has been cited by various SEO professionals as being a nagging technical concern. Content Duplication is simply any occurrence of any content that is exactly the same as the content that is on your website. Anything that alters or slows down Google discovery of the web is always removed. A frequent misconfiguration from an SEO Birmingham point of view always occurs as the dynamically created websites create web pages on the fly from databases. Therefore, these sites tend to create lots of URLs or pages that have similar content again and again. This issue can be fixed by having to choose a single URL that is needed as the main URL.

Poor Mobile Knowledge and Experience

A site bounce rates increase when a website offered to a user has a poor experience on tablets and smartphones and also loads slowly. If such cases occur visitors tend to diverge from that website. Most importantly on mobile cells, a web site should load and learn faster. According to research conducted it has been proved that certain companies divert users in order to separate mobile sites which cause issues. For instance, a concern can be raised when diverting traffic from the original URL without informing the user and offering options when using a mobile subdomain when splitting the link equity. This can be countered by creating a responsive design which improves secondary signals that Google puts into an account for search ranking. This includes time spent on a page, visit duration, bounce rates and page visits.

Construction of Shady Links

Questionable link building practices in Google’s crosshairs are put in place in the Google’s Penguin updates within the websites. Link building introduces a level of risk as much as it assists in building a business especially in witnessing the significant gains in Web traffic. Therefore, if these Penguin updates harm your website it is advisable to disavow the questionable backlinks and also ask webmasters to remove those links on the website if necessary.